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The Death of the Eggplant pt. 2 - The Death of the Blueberry

10 years ago, a humble car known as the Eggplant, piloted by Philip Stevens, took its final ride at the Thunder Road Enduro. Now, 10 years later, the beloved blue Toyota Yaris known as the Blueberry will do the same! Jenny's car from high school through college will take its final ride in a 200 lap, 100 car Enduro at the very same track that the Eggplant was put to rest. Help us celebrate the Blueberry's final moments, and remember the Eggplants final ride! Check out the video below for the full history.

"This Enduro is a special one because my Uncle raced in his first Enduro exactly 10 years ago with a car affectionately known as 'The Eggplant'. After a long and beloved stint with the Blueberry, I feel ready to carry on the Eggplant legacy!"

-Jenny Stevens

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