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We're going racing!

The Death of the Blueberry -Thunder Road Enduro

Pole Pursuit Marketing turns Pole Pursuit Motorsports... Our Drivers Jenny and Paul Stevens will be competing in a 200 Lap Enduro at Thunder Road Speedbowl on August 7th!!

Marketing Built for Motorsport:


How do I get more race sponsors?

To build a successful race team, or individual driver career, being the fastest on the track isn't just everything. Funding streams from sponsors, and a strong following, will bring you over the finish line! Sponsors love a team or driver with strong social media presence, professional logo design, and a convenient website to hold it all! Those things can be used to drive value in their sponsorship! We can handle that with custom made social media strategy and outreach plans.

How can I grow my race team's brand?

Building a brand is hard! With raceways, leagues, and divisions all over Virginia and the US, getting noticed can be difficult. The most important step is to get found online! While Social Media can support your message, a proper website and search engine optimization is the heavy lifter.  Our web design and development offerings can do that for you!

A One-Stop-Shop to Sponsorship

We offer everything you need to connect with your potential sponsors. We offer sponsorship packets that are professional and sleek. Our social media and web development services will let you sell your spaces quickly and efficiently. We can even reach out to potential sponsors in your area for you, taking the hardest part of preparing to go racing off your plate. 

Our Mission

To provide high-quality marketing, website development, and branding to our clients, while making a positive and lasting mark on the race community. 

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